Who is The Ruggist?

Began on a lark during the summer of 2008 as a way to occupy the otherwise idle hands of one Mister Michael A.C. Christie, The Ruggist is as much ‘who’ as it is ‘what’. Through several years of intermittent and variable speed writing, Mr. Christie earned a solid reputation as The Ruggist (whether good or bad is uncertain to this day) for his critique and commentary on the world of rugs. Irreverence and levity are hallmarks of his opinionated, yet truthful, writing style.

Michael A.C. Christie is The Ruggist
Michael A.C. Christie is The Ruggist

Name: Michael A.C. Christie
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Nationality: Dual Canadian/American
Favourite Dessert: Panna Cotta, Cookies, German’s Chocolate Cake
Favourite Colour: Green/Blue
Non-Rug Interests: Hiking, Travel, Handwork, Functional yet stylish design.
Residence: New Brunswick, Canada
Inspirations: Nature, Urbanity, Eero Saarinen, Mies van der Rohe, Gustav Stickley, Ron Bowerman, Jeanette Mathern, and unnamed others who without recognition have built what we enjoy.

That guy is Michael A.C. Christie (the two initials are for pretence). He is ‘The Ruggist’. Known for both infuriating and charming the rug industry, Mr. Christie began his rug career in late 1995 at a now defunct retail rug showroom in Akron, Ohio, before moving onto greener pastures at the same company’s trade-only showroom (now also defunct) in Cleveland. After a ten year stint learning the basics of the world of rugs, fate and circumstance conspired as it were and he found himself on the move.

Fortunate enough to have been in favour with the God(s) or not of opportunities during the booming years prior to the 2008 financial crisis – an experience that afforded many opportunities for growth that still shape his life – Mr. Christie continued to broaden his knowledge and skills before beginning both The Ruggist and his rug own rug company Red Spruce (now also defunct) in mid to late 2008. Since then, Michael’s concurrent consultancy work with several rug companies has allowed him to develop a keen eye toward the world of rugs, and his opinion is often sought out when subject matter the rug industry press traditionally shies away from needs to be addressed.